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the bare necessities

Do you mow the lawn? Prune the bush? Tame the mane? Whatever you call it and however you do it, Viblok smooths, soothes and seals sensitive post-shave skin — supporting its natural defenses. It’s also unscented, unflavored, and goes on clear with natural ingredients.

Soothes skin

Moisturizing and hydrating, Viblok smooths and softens, reducing redness and irritation caused by intimate grooming.

Adds protection

Viblok seals your pores and supports your skin’s natural defenses to reduce exposure between you and the external influences you may encounter.

Goes on clear

Virtually unscented, colorless, and flavorless, you can apply Viblok with no worries and no awkward conversations.

meet your new grooming essential

Think of Viblok as your post-groom lotion. Made with natural and 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients, our cream-based lotion is designed for your most sensitive skin.

Skin Defense Lotion

Available in 30ml and 50ml.
ingredients -
non-toxic and free
of perfumes,
synthetic dyes,
Goes on
and hydrates
the skin
and hydrates
the skin
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