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So what exactly is Viblok?

Viblok is a post-shave lotion for your most intimate bits. It smooths and soothes the skin, enhancing its natural healing defenses.


Where are all the areas Viblok Skin Defense Lotion can be used?

Viblok Skin Defense Lotion is safe and effective for use anywhere on the body, but is not intended for internal use. It is primarily on sensitive areas such as face, neck, underarms and bikini.


Is Viblok safe to use?

Yes, we’ve got your back  — and your bits. Clinical and laboratory testing indicate that Viblok is safe to use and non-toxic.


Is Viblok Skin Defense Lotion unisex?

Yes, Viblok Skin Defense Lotion is for everyone.

Can Viblok be applied to wet skin? 

Although Viblok Skin Defense Lotion has hydrophobic (water repelling) properties, it should be applied to clean dry skin.


Is Viblok Skin Defense Lotion made of all natural ingredients?

77% of the ingredients used to produce Viblok Skin Defense Lotion are natural while 33% are man-made.


How long does a bottle of Viblok Skin Defense Lotion last?

A 30ml size bottle has 120 pumps and the 50ml size bottle has 200 pumps. Each pump, regardless of bottle size, puts out 0.25ml of Viblok. The average person will use about 2 to 4 pumps, or 0.50ml to 1.00 ml depending on the area to which Viblok is being applied.


Is Viblok Skin Defense Lotion cruelty free?



What is the company behind Viblok?

CLJI Worldwide LLC. 


When do I apply it?

Apply Viblok right after shaving, waxing, or grooming and re-apply as you see fit.


Can you use Viblok Skin Defense Lotion if you have hair?

Viblok Skin Defense Lotion can be used on skin with hair. It is a super-rich lotion and if a lot of hair is present, or if the hair is very thick, it will take longer to rub Viblok in. Use at your own discretion.


Does Viblok Skin Defense Lotion helps prevent ingrown hairs?

Yes! Viblok Skin Defense Lotion helps reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs over time.


What does it smell like?

Nothing at all! We made sure it’s unscented so it doesn’t clash with whatever other scents you’re wearing. 


Where can Viblok Skin Defense Lotion be purchased?

It can be purchased on,, and, and at select salons.

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